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Jim’s Head Asplode

@jimgroom on Twitter: I knew it was gonna happen, but this class with the daily shoot is gonna blow my mind off, like Scanners, so beautiful #ds106 Jim Asplode from noise professor on Vimeo.

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Up on the Sun 02 – DS106 Radio Show

Ruminations on space and death… Sauce: Radio and Television (1940) from Prelinger Archives Circuit Bent Turtle vs. DOD Fx25B Envelope Filter The opening theme from the original English dub of My Neighbor Totoro Pete Seeger talking about Carl Sandburg This … Continue reading

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How It’s Made – DS106 TV Bumper

I can’t get enough of shows like How It’s Made, which reminds me of those segments on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood when Mr. McFeely would deliver to Mr. Rogers some sweet tape of the inner workings of a toothpaste factory.  Anyhow, … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 – On Being Mashed Up (Revisited)

The wonders never cease.  A while back, I wrote about the experience of being mashed up.  Turns out the mashup artist found that post, and commented: Hello from Russia. Thank you for this story and your music. i’m glad that … Continue reading

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I See Your Hitler, and Raise you a Gandhi…

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Up on the Sun 01 – DS106 Radio Show

So I put together a ~30 minute set for DS106 radio.  Should be coming up shortly – hope I’m not in a meeting when it happens, because I was going to try to cut in live and mobile from Papaya … Continue reading

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Time for Me to Exit…

Terminator X-it!  Jim Groom once pointed out that I have a habit of making him look like “a small animated cretin.”  Exhibits A and B.  I took that to heart, and decided to place him in the role of one … Continue reading

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One Tin Tempest – The Legend of D’Arcy Norman

Not sure why, but I had a thought while listening to D’Arcy Norman’s old school video game and Star Trek clips via ds106 radio:  Someone had to be piloting the ship during those epic battles, right?  Good versus evil.  Suicide … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Being a post in which Noise Professor whines about how difficult it is to gather up DS106-produced content for remixing. Continue reading

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We Jam Mobile?

Sitting in a workshop, and sneaking a look at some of the ds106 blogs, I’m wishing that everyone would install/activate the WPTouch plugin (unless there is something better?).  It makes everything nicer on mobile devices.  Help a brother out, would … Continue reading

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