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CogDog’s Mom – Now With More D’Arcy Norman!

I’ve been working on compiling a “Mom only” version of @cogdog’s Mom’s cookie talk.  While I was editing this evening, D’Arcy Norman was playing guitar live on ds106radio, providing a nice backing track, so I decided to combine the two.  … Continue reading

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Just Because.

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To Serve Man…

Metal. Dogs eating icicles. Swearing. Japanese subway reports. Scary stories. Poetry. Dive bar drunken karaoke. Nonstop 80s. Utter mayhem. DS106 Radio – It’s like that.

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500 Bucks or DS106 Radio?

Like gravity, the influence of two bodies on each other is inversely proportional not only to the square of their distance but possibly even the cube of the distance between them. -Hall California is in fiscal trouble.  As such, professional … Continue reading

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UFOs, or 100 Photos of the Same Thing

There are these lights outside of my office and all around campus, and they have always reminded me of old school UFOs. Years ago I became obsessed with taking pictures of them. Not every day, but every once in a … Continue reading

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Live Personal Mashup w/ DS106 Radio + ccMixter

As of this writing, @scottlo is playing a CC-licensed piano thing (Winter something?) on ds106radio right this very minute (this writing taking place at 9:19 PM PST). Anyhow, while it was playing, I went to ccMixter, which is a remix … Continue reading

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Inspired by something from Twitter today: @tedcurran Ted Curran #DS106 became a lovefest– and that’s when everything changed. #eli2011

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“Love Analytics” is the New “Bags of Gold”

@cogdog, @jimgroom, @mburtis, @gardnercampbell, and maybe some other folks? – it was hard to tell – were broadcasting live from ELI 2011, and while the hotel WiFi was sketchy, some truth bombs were dropped, including the expression “love analytics” from … Continue reading

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Wizard People, or Literal Phonetic Death Metal Subtitles

Privet Drive. The ominous fog makes the nighttime even more hoary and mysterious than usual here in suburban Britannia. Out from the shadows of God knows what dimension steps the oldest wizard in the books, the near-dead Dumbledore. He is … Continue reading

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DS106 Radio Free For All. Yes.

Above is a word cloud of last night’s full-on, spontaneous, sprawling, epic multiple DJ ds106radio jam festival of awesome.  Thanks to @cogdog (bringing the scary), @jimgroom, @brlamb, @mikhailg, @DrGarcia @grantpotter, @scottlo (straight outta Harajuku), and whoever else I can’t think … Continue reading

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