Bag of Noise

I like thinking about the intersection of digital and analog worlds (thinking out loud here, and here, for instance), and I like sound.  So of course the first thing I wanted to do when I heard Tom Woodward’s Gardner Campbell/Blackboard remix (in honor of Martha Burtis, who by all accounts is a technical badass) was to make it excite a speaker and move some air around.

Brain is buzzing with a lot of ideas about raw material, and how to encourage/enable/facilitate the reuse of ds106 ephemera.  More on that later.  If you have a chance, go and read Jabiz’s latest – I Need You.  To See.  To See Me. It’s a big old breakfast (at least in California) of bravery and truth, sent forth into the world by someone with a gift for words.  More on that later as well…  Work is for people who aren’t jamming in DS106.

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