I Could Get Addicted To Kickstarter

Unique and dreamy samples – voices, acoustic guitar phrases, clocks, found sounds – chopped and assembled into beautiful rhythmic collages.  That’s how I would describe Two Hearted, the latest recording by Blithe Field on Messy Life Records.  Listen to beautiful wave ’74 for a good idea of what the music is about.

The vinyl arrived in my mailbox as a result of my participation in Kickstarter project a couple of months back.  The site has been around for quite a while, but this is the first time I’ve contributed to a project.  In my mind, Kickstarter is a perfect marriage of the arts and technology, providing for a kind of arts patronage, while cutting out the middleman (mostly – Kickstarter takes a 5% cut of the funds for successfully funded projects, and Amazon takes another 3-5% in credit card processing fees).  The artist gets to make art, and fans get to support the artist and are rewarded in lots of unique ways.  At my participation level – I think it was $25 bucks – I received a copy of the recording on vinyl, my name in the liner notes as a supporter (as a liner notes lover, this is something of a thrill), two CDs of prior work by the artist, and – surprise! – the instruction manual for the SNES version of F-Zero.  Rad.  Browsing through the collection of Kickstarter projects restores a little bit of my waning faith in humanity.

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