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Reality TV – The Horstylist

Inspired by @andessurvivor’s work on Design Assignment #342.  I didn’t exactly follow the rules, and I’m sort of afraid I came up with a real fake reality show – that is, a fake reality show that’s actually real – but … Continue reading

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A Scientist Becomes a Beast

The other evening, some folks gathered in a Google+ Hangout for movie night.  The magnificent film chosen by @timmmmyboy (our gracious host) was The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961).  Not the finest film, but fun to watch as a group, … Continue reading

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Always Dancing…

Sometimes Ijust feel like goofing off with some soothing #jimgroomart.  This one was inspired by this assignment from  Danny/@MangoKuchen as brought to my attention by the great and powerful @scottlo.

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No Trouble in Little China

A wordless MacGuffin?  Could it work?  Probably not.  This one is perhaps far too obscure for anyone who isn’t a superfan of Big Trouble In Little China, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.

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Just Don’t Use It After Midnight.

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Apocalypse When?

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It’s a Girl!

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Saving Private No One

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Inspired by something from Twitter today: @tedcurran Ted Curran #DS106 became a lovefest– and that’s when everything changed. #eli2011

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