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Animated Jim “Mingus” Groom Bingo TV or How I Won the PirateBox Part Auction

Spent a bit of the morning watching @jimgroom get crazy on ds106tv, and chatting with various “social media collectivists,” including @edwebb, @timmmmyboy, @nottrivial, @giulaforsythe (who created this excellent Ed Tech Jargon bingo card), @lisamlane, @mikhailg, and @cogdog.  During all that … Continue reading

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Jim’s Head Asplode

@jimgroom on Twitter: I knew it was gonna happen, but this class with the daily shoot is gonna blow my mind off, like Scanners, so beautiful #ds106 Jim Asplode from noise professor on Vimeo.

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How It’s Made – DS106 TV Bumper

I can’t get enough of shows like How It’s Made, which reminds me of those segments on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood when Mr. McFeely would deliver to Mr. Rogers some sweet tape of the inner workings of a toothpaste factory.  Anyhow, … Continue reading

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