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ILTPBHFYTR Call for Submissions

I Left This Pirate Box Here For You To Read A Draft Specification/Project Description The idea is to create a small repository of digital artifacts that is housed only on a PirateBox that @CogDog will haul around on his epic … Continue reading

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Wizard People, or Literal Phonetic Death Metal Subtitles

Privet Drive. The ominous fog makes the nighttime even more hoary and mysterious than usual here in suburban Britannia. Out from the shadows of God knows what dimension steps the oldest wizard in the books, the near-dead Dumbledore. He is … Continue reading

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Bag of Noise

I like thinking about the intersection of digital and analog worlds (thinking out loud here, and here, for instance), and I like sound.  So of course the first thing I wanted to do when I heard Tom Woodward’s Gardner Campbell/Blackboard … Continue reading

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